LEGO 123 Sesame Street 21324 Review & Lighting Journal

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? The loveable location along with the characters who inhabit the cherished neighbourhood, have arrived in LEGO's latest IDEAs release - 123 Sesame Street 21324!

An extremely nostalgic set, selected fan designer Ivan Guerrero reflected on his childhood, growing up on the fun creative lessons the show provided. As well as the excitement and fun that the world renowned characters have continued to generate for over 50 years! We'll celebrate that!

An easy, breezy 1367 pieces, but measuring a generous 24cm high, 36cm wide and 21cm deep and packed full of incredible detail from the legendary children's program, that adults (including the LMB team) today will delight in rediscovering.

We had an enjoyable, nostalgic time building this one! In fact the design and details of the set took some of our designers back to childhood playing with the classic Fisher Price play sets! Remember those? Sunny day, chasing the - clouds away.

Ivan and LEGO really did an incredible job on giving this set a dollhouse feel. The details really are amazing, from the shop signs to Bert and Ernie's bedroom, what's incredible is just how many interesting components are squeezed into a set of this size. From a minifigure point of view, everyones favourite Jim Henson puppets are featured here, though these seem to be an evolution on the standard LEGO minifigure, featuring specialised extra large moulded heads. Interesting!

Talking detail, of course the most iconic detail is that street sign and lamp! Modular Building fans will be familiar with our custom lamp post, we saw this as an opportunity to add a twist to the classic component - a custom green version!

We used this as the starting point for our lighting design, as this is a smaller set it was important to get as much ambiance out of each component as possible. We call this economy of component, someone else may be tempted just to plug as many lights as possible into a kit, but for us a lot of the time less is more. Especially when lighting a nostalgic, retro set like 123 Sesame Street.

It was important to convey the warmth, love and good feelings the show and characters have evoked for over five decades.

Overall, this is an equally great set to build and to light. The details included were a real treat to discover along the way and once we got to the stage of lighting, we really relished the challenge of keeping the component count down in order reflect the nostalgic nature of the design by LEGO fan Ivan Geurrero. IDEAs release are always a thrill to light, because they are so full of fan enthusiasm from start to finish and after all we here at Light My Bricks are full of fan enthusiasm! Come and play, everything's A-OK!

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