LEGO - Hogwarts Icons #76391 Review & Lighting Journal

Can you believe its been 20 years since LEGO released its first Harry Potter set? Neither could we! But we’re certainly happy LEGo have chosen to celebrate by releasing this incredibly unique set - The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition 76391… whew, almost felt like I had Ron’s chocolate frog in my mouth trying to get that out!

While initially, there were a few flummoxed looks on the faces of some LMB team members when this set was first announced (was it a Hedwig set?) Those looks were very quickly followed up with ear-to-ear grins, once it became clear how different and unique both a build experience and a lighting experience this set would be. “Accio LEGO set”… or “Add to cart!”

Now being major Potterheads ourselves, we were so under the spell of the Wizarding World, we half hoped the Hedwig would deliver our Icons Collection direct to LMB! And while it was swift to arrive… the Postman who showed up instead, did look a little different to everyone's favourite owl!

One thing was for sure, this was a LEGO set like no other! It obviously called for a much different approach than many, if not all of our other light kit designs that had come before it.

The main concept our team had to get it’s design heads around, was the construction of this set was a combination of free floating elements like Ron’s Chocolate Frog and Harry’s Glasses, for example - and a mostly solid central construction, consisting of iconic objects like Tom Riddle’s Diary at the base, with Hegwig at the apex.

Once the Floo dust had settled, it was clear that our trusty Spotlights would make up the bulk of this lean light kit and positioning and placement would make all the difference in making sure this must have display piece for Muggles and Magic-folk alike took centre stage among the most die hard fans collection cases.

And while the bulk of the load is being carried by said team of Spotlights (8 in all!) it wouldn’t be complete without a little magic… in the form of a Light My Bricks effects board! A Pulse Effects Board to be precise!

Our Pulse Effects Board was carefully placed in Hermoine’s Potion Tray to make sure the Bit Lights that lit up her crafty concoctions shimmered and swirled, just like in the films!

That’s where we say “Mischief Managed!” on this short but swift lighting challenge! Will you be adding the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition 76391 set to your collection? Let us know on social media - we love to discuss all things LEGO hobby on all of our channels! Or better yet, if you do and pick up the light kit as well, leave a review and earn some Volt points while you’re at it.

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